Innovation Leadership

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How is Organization Leadership similar to mountain climbing?

It’s not just one person—it’s a team of people—each with the personal strength and resolve toward one vision: Reaching The Top! Each member of the climbing team surrounds themselves with the best equipped and experienced people who have the knowledge to make significant decisions which affect the outcome of every step. Successful mountain climbers recognize that each step takes you closer to the summit. Miss one step and the entire team is in jeopardy of falling.

Leadership Ladders

So how does a leader continue to achieve business growth and success when every interaction has the potential of starting a fall? The answer lies in creating a Leadership Ladder. A Leadership Ladder is a collection of targeted individual leaders at multiple levels within the organization ready to step in and take charge when and where needed. Each leader is targeted and cross-trained to make critical on-the-spot business decisions. Intentional Innovation centers on:

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The first step in the process is to define the Leadership Model for the organization. The Leadership Model consists of the primary leadership traits important to the success of the company. Most organizations simplify the number of traits to ten or less. Each of the traits are defined and shared with the entire organization. Whenever possible, the traits are incorporated into the performance review process with progress measures.
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As the business owner or executive, you take on the role of setting the tone for the entire organization. Everyone follows the example demonstrated by the person at the top. A personal leadership credo is a series of statements outlining how each particular leader behaves and expects others to behave. The personal leadership credo is published for all people to see and hold the executive accountable.
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Most organizations recognize that both formal (position based) and informal (influential) leadership is demonstrated throughout the organization. Leadership Ladder focuses on identifying specific people at each level within the company to be ready to step into the role above them. Once targeted and identified, these potential leaders become part of a formal leadership development process with specific leadership development or growth assignments.
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As an organization establishes its baseline of leadership requirements and leaders are evaluated; organizational and individual development plans are created and managed. Innovative assignments will be given to grow and demonstrate the desired leadership capabilities.
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Education without reinforcement and growth is like pouring five gallons of water on a plant and never caring for it again. For a brief period of time it grows with great color, but begins to fade and in time die out. Leadership must be nurtured and grown. Innovative leaders prescribe to an ongoing Leadership Forum and Resource Center process for continuous growth.

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Intentional Innovation begins with changing the views and beliefs of traditional leaders. Innovative leaders do not just happen — they are nurtured and developed.

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