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Would you like to consistently move forward regardless of the fast-moving markets, technological, social and workforce changes?

How valuable is it to you that despite the turbulence, you are able to develop flexible strategies and tactics designed to acquire, grow and retain profitable customers?

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Our DestinationNOW planning process will help you to quickly place a flexible framework for defining, implementing and managing critical business plans across your organization. Our 5-Step DestinationNOW process will create your game plan for ongoing success.

Let’s start with these two questions:

  1. How clear is your path?
  2. It is full speed ahead, or time to recalibrate?


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How DestinationNOW works:


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A clear picture of the desired end goal. Success is knowing where you are going and why you are going there. Painting a compelling picture of the future is crucial.
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We rate your existing strategies, objectives and plans. We want to discover how effective and complete they have been. We also identify what is working, what is not, and what might be missing. IntelliThink LLC brings a unique strategy scoring methodology to help identify the important next steps.
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Intentional Innovation is utilized to focus attention on creative strategies and tactics to separate you from your competition. The goal is to make all competitors irrelevant while being the customer choice in your market.
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1-Page strategies containing the desired end state, critical measures for success, and evidence of progress. Each 1-Page Quick Plan is designed to be a wholly contained business initiative.
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Getting started detailed plans for organizing and harnessing the right resources to get the job done.

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The one fact in business no one can dispute—your competitors are not going to stand still. Therefore, neither can you. Call today and let’s define the destination you desire and the plans to get there now.



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Want to learn more? Download our DestinationNOW Fact Sheet.