3 Critical Executive Questions

Today’s business landscape is changing at the speed of light. Leaders are being asked to develop and deliver high quality products and services at a reasonable purchase price. Customers now decide who wins their business with every transaction taking place. So how does a leader continue to deliver quality while maintaining a constant eye on costs? The answer – Intentional Innovation.

Intentional Innovation is a structured business system enabling an organization or individual to focus their brain power on meaningful and unique business ideas. Ideas designed to separate you from your competitors. Intentional Innovation asks each leader to think outside the box in three categories:

  1.  Are you interested in increasing the speed of your business?
  2. Are you interested in decreasing business risk across the business model?
  3. Are you interested in growing the overall value of your business?

Intentional Innovation begins with generating meaningful ideas in each of these categories.

Sometimes it feels like the business in stuck in the mud and struggles to gain momentum. When you focus on speed you begin to identify where the business ruts are and what can be done to get out of the rut and back on the road. This involves teaching your leaders about urgency – for making decisions, for taking action, for being proactive with approval steps, etc. Your competitors are not waiting on you to make the next move. It is up to you to instill urgency and speed.

Every business faces risk on a daily basis. Successful organizations recognize it takes effort to stay in front of risk. The question is – How do you know what risks to manage? Intentional Innovation implements a concept called “Death Threats”, those items left alone that can and will sink a business. Once you have identified these Death Threats, you can begin to use the structured ideation tools to define and test risk mitigation plans.

Business value (Wikipedia) is all forms of value that determine the health and well-being of the firm in the long run. To us value represents the worth of your customer assets, capital assets, intellectual property, and human talent assets. Therefore, Intentional Innovation focuses the ideation process to grow each area. You can create new value; you can create more value; or you can create better value.

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