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HealthChecks, like a routine or targeted exam at the doctorís office, are tailored to the type of organization, focus area and degree of analytical rigor required.  They are conducted in good times to see opportunity and in difficult times to identify root issues and paths to improved performance.


HealthChecks - help direct leadership attention to targeted improvement areas, observing the underlying issues and recommending specific actionable improvements.  HealthChecks are conducted through interviews, observation of day-to-day business process flow, and analysis of a companyís documentation and work products. 

HealthChecks should be conducted on a routine basis, often annually, to develop and refresh leadership awareness of  the organizationís ability to perform and meet changing business environments.
Leadership may elect to perform a HealthCheck when they see changes in key business drivers, for example:

Operational costs increase

Competition increases

Customer satisfaction declines

Technology becomes obsolete

Sales and revenue decline

Employee turnover increases


IntelliThink LLC defines, structures and conducts HealthChecks for targeted problem areas.  IntelliThink LLC also conduct range of pre-defined HealthChecks, for example: Business, Operational Readiness and Project HealthChecks.


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