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RAD2 is IntelliThink LLC's proprietary methodology used to deliver customer results. IntelliThink LLC begins by outlining specific results to be achieved followed by assessing and analyzing the situation, designing the optimal solution and delivering the plan for achievement. IntelliThink LLC then walks the client through a decision model outlining the improvement steps and options on how to accomplish them.
There is rarely a “one size fits all” answer to your questions and even if the solution is the same, its implementation within your organization and culture can differ.

IntelliThink LLC recognizes the key to success is to deliver results that enhance the customer's ability to increase revenue, streamline business operations, lower operating costs, increase customer satisfaction and reduce employee frustrations. RAD2 focuses on beginning with a solid definition of success, identification of the type of results desired, and understanding the window of opportunity.
Results - Establishing the guiding principles, desired outcomes, cycle time to achieve, and management structure for managing the work effort.
Assess - Understanding the current situation and its strengths and weaknesses across the dimensions defining business capabilities: people, process, technology, and governance.
Design - Identifying and defining new and/or improved business capabilities, development and implementation options each explained in estimates of time & dollar costs as well as potential business benefits.
Deliver - Creating the detailed roadmap of activities required to successfully develop, test, implement and sustain new operating capabilities.
RAD2 allows for multiple work pace and pricing options: hourly, fixed bid, or time & materials. Work can also be phased to allow you to learn and understand before committing to (and paying for) an entire solution.
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