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Service Areas

Solution Model

The solution model illustrates IntelliThink LLC’s areas of expertise. Solutions are developed across one or more of these areas to help clients improve current operations or develop new, leap-frog capabilities. Click on the graphic below or  the headings at right to learn more about each service area and solution examples.

Our enterprise-wide solution model enables IntelliThink LLC to assist at any time in a company’s life and anywhere in the firm’s business model.
Leadership & Strategy – develop, refine and integrate a compelling vision and direction into daily business processes. This sets the foundation for culture, leadership and decision making through out the organization.
Results Planning & Management – position the organization to achieve the desired strategic and tactical results by managing daily success through focused review, monitoring and adjustment.
Customer & Market Focus – develop and implement the framework and infrastructure to understand customer needs, and define the products, services and experiences to meet those needs.
Process & Operations Readiness – design and implement the process quality framework, business modeling, problem solving toolkit, and process design techniques that ensures daily operations and the ability to launch products and services.
Work Force Readiness – design and implement the processes to continuously identify and evaluate the organization's workforce needs in order to select and develop talent.
Partner Management – increase an organization's ability to perform and deliver results through alignment, education and management of suppliers, vendors and partners.
Information & Knowledge Management – help companies define and implement a technology management framework to optimize delivery. Framework elements include current and future technology architecture, evaluation and selection process, and a planned evolution approach.


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